What Time is It?

He's Something Kinda Cool!

Oh boy! The Peach is getting a little impatient! Toadsworth isn't around! Kinda freaked out the others.


I don't have anymore Megamantics comics for you right now but I will sooner or later...until then I'll just post other stuff on here. Maybe a comic that I just came up with that day or something.

This is about it. #33

This is it for now. I have no more comics from facebook. Now all you will get are some quickly made comics that I come up with on the spot. They may be about Megamantics. They may be about Mario RPG. You won't know until I do it.
Okay, this is getting dangerously close to the end. I will be still uploading comics but it will be ones that I made up on the spot. And there's no telling what they will be about. Sorry.

# 31

Okay...this is almost the last one before I have to bore you with stuff I make up on the spot. I had a whole book full of scripts and like 20 more comics prepared but until I get that monitor it's just not going to happen. Sorry.

30th Comic Anniversary!

Here we go! we now get to see just how lazy our heroes are!

Give it Up for #29!!!

Here we go! This is where I first started writing a story! It started here! Chapter One! I wanted to make a cool chapter thing like that for every chapter but I lost that font.

#28 Is In Da House!

Yeah, I only have up to comic 33. After that the series is going on hiatus until I can get my other computer running. Like I've said a million times before that's where all my files are at. I need a monitor. BAD!

#27 is Here!

My comic is a mess! There's a charred robot mad at me! On top of that Megaman's an idiot! Who will help me!?! I'm in dire need! Oh, the guy in gold will help? A janitor, you say? Alright...

You Deserve To Look At #26!

Oh, and by the way, the title to this post is not a threat.

The power is still off in the comic and Zero is still pissed so I figured I would take out my authorly wrath upon him. Then the power comes back. That's me yelling "I GOT IT!!!" in Pokemon font.