What Time is It?


Nobody ever comes to my site and it's really frustrating...I do all this work to make an awesome site with my awesome comics that I put in it and nobody wants to see it. This really sucks. I HATE IT!!!

Vlog Blog!

I was thinking if I ever get a webcam I could turn this blog into a Vlog Blog! I could make videos of me talking about stuff and embed them on this blog from youtube.com and stuff. I think it would be really nice. What do you think?

Hey hey hey!

I think I'm going through a depression or something....

I really want to go home bad. My life is in a loop. I miss half of every day because I don't get up until 11:00-1:00 and I can't find a job and my laptop is acting up and nobody ever comes to my website to look at the comics that I painstakingly make every night. This sucks.

Well, at least my Guitar Hero skills are improving all the time with all this time to burn and at least I have the awesome GIMP skills that I use to make your desktop backgrounds from my cool comics that nobody ever looks at...

This Sucks!

My audio drivers on my Vista OS are messed up and I have no idea what's wrong with them! I have reinstalled the driver over and over and nothing! This means I can't listen to music while I'm making comics! I can't make the comics in Ubuntu because there is no MS paint! I really hate this!

Guess What!

I have made a few wallpapers to post on the site of DOOM!!! and I think they are pretty cool! I have made two of each one: one for PC users and one for Mac users! Just look in the archives page!

The site is down...

If you can't get to the site due to it being down you should try and see my comics this way! This is my drunkduck.com account!


It must be the fact that webs.com may be going under maintenance or something!


I have all my comics on drunkduck.com now and they are growing fast! SATRS is at 28 views per day on average. Megamantics is at 32 views per day. Mario RPG is at 20. I think I love Drunkduck.com! Finally I am being heard! My comics are being seen! That's all I ever wanted.

Hey guys!

I never have much to say but I am really happy with my drunk duck account! It's something I am actually getting noticed in! On Megmantics I am getting 30 views per day on average and SATRS is getting 20 so far. Mario RPG is 20 also! I love it!

What have I to say?

If you are following this blog but not my website you better get there! It is at http://matboy115.webs.com/

If you need help there is a link to it somewhere over there! --->
Under subscriptions? Well, anyway, I have gotten a lot of nice new things added on to that site! I've been updating like crazy! I bet you just can't wait to get there! There's an arcade and there are videos made by me and there are "Weird Al" Yankovic music videos and all kinds of things.

Most of all is my sprite comics! They are the main attractions! You have to see them to believe! Just look at this ad for Sonic Advnace: The Real Story!

That's about it for now. Hope you come! If you really like this blog so much this blog is embedded into the "About Me" section of the site so whenever I update this blog it goes there too! How about that modern technology, huh?!?


I have gotten a monitor for my other computer and now I have all my comics and stuff so I can now give each comic their own blog which means this blog is open for anything! If you want me to post something in this blog just comment and tell me what you want!