What Time is It?


This is just a post I am supposed to do to get something to work and I need to copy and paste this line of text into it.

The eagle recovers around a mark!

What we miss...

There is something we all miss in this crazy mixed up universe of ours and that is the great Cartoon Network!

It's true Cartoon Network still exists...but...it's not the one we remember. On of the first things you may notice is the new watermark. The new CN logo leaves much to be desired.

Versus the old logo:

That is only the beginning! They absolutely refuse to go back to the way they were! The bumps are messed up, the shows suck, and it simply is not good.

Shows that are missed include:

Samurai Jack
Johnny Bravo
Dexter's Laboratory
Powerpuff Girls
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
I am Weasel
Cow and Chicken
and many others...

We really want these shows back and it would be really nice if CN would open up a second channel that shows reruns of the old shows and call it Cartoon Network Incarnate! That's all I have to say!

The Site of DOOM!!! is undergoing an experiment...

I have decided to channel the links on the Site to, instead of going to my blog things, go to my drunkduck pages where, apparently, I will get better results. I have buttons back the site so it will have full navigation to and from each comic.

We'll see how it goes....

Starting a new month!

Well, I really want to get this new month off to a good start by getting more views on my website and doing anything I can to see that my comics reach the public! I also want comments! That's really all I want! Suggestions, comments, ideas! Please!



Nobody ever comes to my site and it's really frustrating...I do all this work to make an awesome site with my awesome comics that I put in it and nobody wants to see it. This really sucks. I HATE IT!!!

Vlog Blog!

I was thinking if I ever get a webcam I could turn this blog into a Vlog Blog! I could make videos of me talking about stuff and embed them on this blog from youtube.com and stuff. I think it would be really nice. What do you think?

Hey hey hey!

I think I'm going through a depression or something....

I really want to go home bad. My life is in a loop. I miss half of every day because I don't get up until 11:00-1:00 and I can't find a job and my laptop is acting up and nobody ever comes to my website to look at the comics that I painstakingly make every night. This sucks.

Well, at least my Guitar Hero skills are improving all the time with all this time to burn and at least I have the awesome GIMP skills that I use to make your desktop backgrounds from my cool comics that nobody ever looks at...

This Sucks!

My audio drivers on my Vista OS are messed up and I have no idea what's wrong with them! I have reinstalled the driver over and over and nothing! This means I can't listen to music while I'm making comics! I can't make the comics in Ubuntu because there is no MS paint! I really hate this!

Guess What!

I have made a few wallpapers to post on the site of DOOM!!! and I think they are pretty cool! I have made two of each one: one for PC users and one for Mac users! Just look in the archives page!

The site is down...

If you can't get to the site due to it being down you should try and see my comics this way! This is my drunkduck.com account!


It must be the fact that webs.com may be going under maintenance or something!


I have all my comics on drunkduck.com now and they are growing fast! SATRS is at 28 views per day on average. Megamantics is at 32 views per day. Mario RPG is at 20. I think I love Drunkduck.com! Finally I am being heard! My comics are being seen! That's all I ever wanted.

Hey guys!

I never have much to say but I am really happy with my drunk duck account! It's something I am actually getting noticed in! On Megmantics I am getting 30 views per day on average and SATRS is getting 20 so far. Mario RPG is 20 also! I love it!

What have I to say?

If you are following this blog but not my website you better get there! It is at http://matboy115.webs.com/

If you need help there is a link to it somewhere over there! --->
Under subscriptions? Well, anyway, I have gotten a lot of nice new things added on to that site! I've been updating like crazy! I bet you just can't wait to get there! There's an arcade and there are videos made by me and there are "Weird Al" Yankovic music videos and all kinds of things.

Most of all is my sprite comics! They are the main attractions! You have to see them to believe! Just look at this ad for Sonic Advnace: The Real Story!

That's about it for now. Hope you come! If you really like this blog so much this blog is embedded into the "About Me" section of the site so whenever I update this blog it goes there too! How about that modern technology, huh?!?


I have gotten a monitor for my other computer and now I have all my comics and stuff so I can now give each comic their own blog which means this blog is open for anything! If you want me to post something in this blog just comment and tell me what you want!

He's Something Kinda Cool!

Oh boy! The Peach is getting a little impatient! Toadsworth isn't around! Kinda freaked out the others.


I don't have anymore Megamantics comics for you right now but I will sooner or later...until then I'll just post other stuff on here. Maybe a comic that I just came up with that day or something.

This is about it. #33

This is it for now. I have no more comics from facebook. Now all you will get are some quickly made comics that I come up with on the spot. They may be about Megamantics. They may be about Mario RPG. You won't know until I do it.
Okay, this is getting dangerously close to the end. I will be still uploading comics but it will be ones that I made up on the spot. And there's no telling what they will be about. Sorry.

# 31

Okay...this is almost the last one before I have to bore you with stuff I make up on the spot. I had a whole book full of scripts and like 20 more comics prepared but until I get that monitor it's just not going to happen. Sorry.

30th Comic Anniversary!

Here we go! we now get to see just how lazy our heroes are!

Give it Up for #29!!!

Here we go! This is where I first started writing a story! It started here! Chapter One! I wanted to make a cool chapter thing like that for every chapter but I lost that font.

#28 Is In Da House!

Yeah, I only have up to comic 33. After that the series is going on hiatus until I can get my other computer running. Like I've said a million times before that's where all my files are at. I need a monitor. BAD!

#27 is Here!

My comic is a mess! There's a charred robot mad at me! On top of that Megaman's an idiot! Who will help me!?! I'm in dire need! Oh, the guy in gold will help? A janitor, you say? Alright...

You Deserve To Look At #26!

Oh, and by the way, the title to this post is not a threat.

The power is still off in the comic and Zero is still pissed so I figured I would take out my authorly wrath upon him. Then the power comes back. That's me yelling "I GOT IT!!!" in Pokemon font.


Uh-oh! My comic's getting a little under maintenance. Not only that but the power is off. And Zero is pissed.

Look out! #24

I just kinds really wanted to make a comic featuring a line from the song "Dance Like An Idiot" by Lemon Demon. I mean why not? It's one of his greatest songs ever!

Here we go! #23!!!

Here's the great debate. We find X and Zero arguing about whether the wall jump was just a cheap trick to get people to play the games or not. You'll see something in a later comic that proves otherwise.


Do you think think Dr. Light is scary, now? Don't worry about him. He can't hurt you anymore. He's a hologram now.

Comic #21. The Baby is Finally an Adult!

Most old guys get flashbacks from the wars they were in. I don't know what happened to him in the past. Don't ask.

Mario RPG

Here's another single frame Mario RPG comic I made real quick. What do you think?!?

Here it is. #20

This one's kinda funny. It's the comic where we discover there are a few things we don't know about Dr. Light. Here's a hint. He's a senile imbecilic old man with stage fright.

#19 is Here

Okay, here's the big debate! Were the old Megaman games any good?!? I got an idea. Let's vote in the comments!!!


I guess I was wrong about not uploading #18 on facebook. Here it is. I guess I just labled them wrong when I put them on there. I fixed it so it would tell me the number when I hovered the mouse over it. I guess I messed that up. Well, anyway, here it is!


That's right. I killed a man for a quick plot-fix.

Wanna hear something funny?

I don't have comic#18. Weird, huh? I guess I forgot to upload it on facebook! Huh. So until I get my comics back you won't see it. Ha-ha.(Nelson Laugh) However I will keep up the posting and move on to #19!

Check this Out

This is something I threw together last night. Tell me what you think.

Oh, snap! I just realized something! I used the wrong background! This isn't the Mushroom Kingdom shot. This is Merrymore! My bad! I should know this game better than that. I've beat it a million times.

Craig's List

Man, those people on craigslist have no tact do they? They just blatantly say that "Weird Al" Yankovic sucks! It almost cramps my hand typing that. I can't believe people. Here Al is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and we got idiots like that that have no respect for the fans that may be on there. Al least on the "Weird Al" forum there are no negative comments toward Al. That's it. My rant is over.

Special Day for You! #16

This is the first comic that features the title banner at the top letting you know what the name is and who wrote it, Matt Lee! Oh and look who's in this one! Did I blow your minds?!?


This is a comic featuring the one, the only...well, I suppose I better not tell you until later. If the print is too small to read, put up with it. These are crappy copies that I had on facebook. When I get my good copies back you'll be able to read it. Curse you facebook and your degrading images to save space!

Give it up for #14!!!

I got bored and I didn't want the story to move too fast so I decided to be mean to Zero. I know how he was always irritated when I talked with too many fonts at once.

The Story is Getting Interesting....#13

Okay, there's no story. Not yet. I hadn't even begun to think of a story at this point. I was still experimenting with the sprite process. This was also my second reference. In case you don't know it's a Monty Python reference.

Finally! #12

Here's the next comic in the series! Now you can stop whining!

#11 is Da Bomb!!!

Whatdaya think? This was my first full size comic! Although I did make them a little bigger later on. The last couple frames of dialogue really sucks! Comment to tell me what I could have said that would have been better.

What number was it again? Oh, #10!

This one is very cartoony. Just wait for the next comic for the effect of that splat!


I'm always up for comments!!! Don't forget that!

Whoo! It's #9!

Here's a really good example of a better comic than all the ones from before it. This is also the first comic that had a reference in it. Cool, huh? This is that dude in Megaman X that totally PWNS Megaman in the beginning. I cannot remember what the heck his name it. If you leave a comment and you know his name please remind me.


I'm looking for widgets to put on my blog page like the chat and stuff but I'm also trying not to put ones on that make it look like an iGoogle profile. Hard choices.

Start of the Goods: #8!

This is where the comic starts getting better. I got a computer good for doing this sort of thing and a bunch of new ideas. I decided to make a story for it but it didn't get started right away. But here it is, bigger, better, bolder and...something else that starts with a B.

Come on #7!!!

This is the last one the sucked this much. This was the one where I stopped for a really long time because I got in trouble for making these on the school computers. I didn't have a computer at home and it was the only place I could do it. After a few months of this event taking place I finally got a decent computer and I was able to make better comics!

Get Ready for #6!!!

Here's number 6 in the series! Yes, that's a Mario RPG sprite but who cares? That's the only sprite I could get at the moment that had him in that pose. And besides, it gives it kind of an amateur look to it, don't it? I really oughtta stop giving you these comics so fast. You won't care when I give you the real ones.

Here's an Idea!

I have been using Dr. Steel's logo. Not because I am Dr. Steel but because it looks awesome!!! I had that logo on my graduation invitations! But because I have that logo I see no reason why I can't promote Dr. Steel's army of toy soldiers!!! if you want to become a loyal minion of Dr. Steel sign up right here!!!


Number 5!!!

This is comic number 5! Enjoy!

Hey...Back with another comic.

Here's another Megamantics comic. I know they suck right now but they won't for long. The first few suck bad but then my skills with paint improved. Then after a while I started using a program called GIMP for most of my editing. Most people had trouble reading this one but it goes this way:

"Who are you anyway?"
"It's a me a-Mario"
"Hey, let's see how smart he is."
"Look up."

What's so hard about that?!?

Here's another!

This is the third comic. I'm not going to put any kind of description on any of these until I get them posted for real on their own blog. I have to wait until I can get them from my other computer. When I do. I'll give a complete running commentary on every comic!

Here's the second one!!!

This one is where I kinda was thinking about a story but I was also thinking about making just a comic of one liners and random crap.

Well here's one...

This is the first installment of the Megamantics comic. Hope you like it. These aren't the original copies so I'm not opening a new blog for them. I will when I get my originals. And I'll post all of them on there.


Ya know maybe I should stop posting every five seconds like this is twitter. I should only post when I have something really cool to say...about the comic. Actually I have an idea! I had somewhere on the internet where I uploaded them! I won't say where so you have to come here to view it!


I finally got this thing the way I want it I guess. Now I'm going to go to be because it's friggin' 3:44 in the friggin morning! I'm listening to "Weird Al" Yankovic right now.

This is Kinda Cool...

I'm submitting this blog to payperpost.com and they will actually pay me to do this. Cool, huh?


When I start posting I think I'll start a whole new blog and call it Megamantics but untill then I'll just post any old thing on here.


This is a comic about Megaman X and Zero as they have these stupid little adventures through the first game of Megaman X. I really would like to start posting but I can't access my comics right now. They are on my other computer and I don't have a monitor for it. I will start posting some day!