What Time is It?

What we miss...

There is something we all miss in this crazy mixed up universe of ours and that is the great Cartoon Network!

It's true Cartoon Network still exists...but...it's not the one we remember. On of the first things you may notice is the new watermark. The new CN logo leaves much to be desired.

Versus the old logo:

That is only the beginning! They absolutely refuse to go back to the way they were! The bumps are messed up, the shows suck, and it simply is not good.

Shows that are missed include:

Samurai Jack
Johnny Bravo
Dexter's Laboratory
Powerpuff Girls
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
I am Weasel
Cow and Chicken
and many others...

We really want these shows back and it would be really nice if CN would open up a second channel that shows reruns of the old shows and call it Cartoon Network Incarnate! That's all I have to say!